Discover Scuba Diving

* 1 to 2 days

Resourt Course

* 2 to 3 days

Open Water Diver Course

* 4 to 5 days

Advance Adventurer 

* 2 to 4  days

Speciality Diver


* 3 to 4 days


Have you ever been curious about diving but do not know if it for you?

With the Discover SCUBA course you will be taken on a journey of the basic essentials of diving consisting of theory on basic skills, pactical training in confined water and a sea dive in the big ocean

Only a couple of days available?

The SCUBA Diver or Resort Course allows you to experience more in depth training in both theorie as well practical. Two sea dives and a official qualification wich allows you to dive with a qualified dive leader and the option to upgrade to the Open Water Course

Beginning the Adventure 

This course lays the foundation for the rest of your diving adventure. Theory is being presented on site or online and enforced throughout the confined water phase in our Marina. Practical dives are done in and around the greater Saldanha bay area and includes beach entries and boat dives

A journey of discovery

Various Specialities are available to do as part of your continued education. The advanced adventurer course introduces you to five specialities and consists of a dive briefing and a practical dive in any of the choosen specialities, practical and fun.

Continued Education

Certain diving conditions require specialist training in order to ensure safe diving especialy in the beginning of your diving journey. Speciality Diver gives you recognition status when completing two specialities and 12 Dives

Advanced Open Water Diver


* 6 to 8 Days

Speciality Courses


* 2 to 3 Days per

Dive Master

* 10 to 12 Days

Instructor Course

* at least 10 Days

Equipment Hire

(Specialised equipment available on request) 

Continued Education 

Your next stop in diver recognition is the Advanced Diver Qualification. 4 Specialities and 24 dives get you the awesome title of Advanced Diver, allowing you to dive most available recreational dive sites up to depth of 40m.


Your Choice of Speciality


Night/Low visibility 





Search and Recovery

Stress and Rescue

and more...

Enter into the professional fold by enroling in a Dive Master Course. As a Dive Master you will be able to work as a dive professional anywere in the world and start a brilliant career in the diving industry. 

As a Dive Instructor you will be able to continue and better your professional career enabling you to teach new divers and introduce them the fantastic underwater world

We provide all equipment needed to all members of the public that does not have available equipment to participate in courses or fun dives: